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Ask me anything

3/2/13 by LordMartin-Mac
Updated 3/2/13

Ask me anything you want NG, only the good questions. Oh and btw I set this post on Approved comments only, so ask wisely.


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What is your ultimate favorite band to listen to? Do they have anything to do with your favorite movie?

7/19/13 LordMartin-Mac responds:

I don't have a favourite band...

ok, what is that thing in your avatar? a HALO solider, or the one from CRYSIS?
also, do you enjoy animating/drawing?

4/5/13 LordMartin-Mac responds:

It's a crysis helmet. That picture I took was from an old desktop pic which is 6 years old.

For drawing and animating, yes I enjoy it very much. But the sad thing is that I don't have time for everything anymore...

In your opinion who is the worst singer ever?

3/9/13 LordMartin-Mac responds:

Justin Bieber and 1D.