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The Redesign

2012-05-11 09:35:29 by LordMartin-Mac

Wow! Just look at the 2012 newgrounds redesign! Well anyway this post is about comparing this 2012 design towards the 2007 design. Anyway I was going to plan on making like a month ago but I couldn't do that because of school and I had other major things to do.

But anyway I am typing this post from Mircosoft 2011 and everything is copied and pasted. So:

The 2007 Front page versus The 2012 Front Page.

Well for 2007 one, I think the front page is pretty neat. But during my time I remember 3 and ½ years ago I used to take a lot of Snipping tools (Screenshots only available on New Microsoft Computers only) which I have on my memory stick which contain (80 pictures I think?) so I think the selection for the username (Contains Indox, My account, Log out) buttons were better.... As for the rest of it I like the button layers (From Flash Portal to Store) those were better. But I think the front page wasn't that bad at all.
Well for the 2012 one, I think the front page is cool, I guess... Since then I still have to get used to this new front page, at this moment. But anyway what I found cool about it is that now I can look at 12 movies, games, and art. Now looks like that, you can drag at any category you want as the user page had. I have to admit the features pretty cool and neat.
So my score for both:
The front page 2007: 9.6/10
The front page 2012: 9.8/10

The 2007 User page versus The 2012 Front Page:

I can hardy remember the 2007 page at all, I just wanted to type that the 2012 page is good as the 2007 one. But I think the 4 icons for the flash, music, and art was better though. I am going to miss the old icons that the size was 46 x 46. But anyway I think the 2007 Userpage is better overall but you guys get what I mean.
Now for the 2012, I guess I browse the page so much I will have to do a review on it for later when I have the time. Now I can browse my favourite flash games and movies separately, see more art pictures like 10 of them, see
So my score for both:
The User page 2007: 10/10 The User page 2012: 10/10
NOTE: They both earn 10/10 respectively.

2009 Medal Games vs 2012 Medal Games (Reviewing the system):
When I started to play them I thought this would give me another opportunity to be a least popular, but of course when those games came with gitched medals they were starting to annoy me and because of that I barely like ever played at all.
As for the 2009 medal system, I remember that the system wasn't so mainstream and every medal was working properly but it will depend on your internet connection, the NG server, and lately of all your gaming skill. Lastly, there was the only way to get secret medal points by accessing the successor's page to see what kind of instructions you need to get extra you haven't got yet, until the later design.
As for the 2012 medal system, it's still the same but only now you no longer have access to see someone's profile for the secret medals anymore. But what the sad thing is that, you can't have the reset button for every game and for the system itself. It would be nice if you can have an option to reset the medal which is already achieved but it doesn't work like Epic Battle Fantasy 2 for example.
The 2009 one: 9/10
The 2012 one: 5.5/10

EDIT: 1But anyway for now I know that I have more to do I need a danm break for now. But when the time is right I will continue typing and updating the post. So if you guys have some interest in me.
Well I am in Grade 11 right now and I am doing all right, I am 18 right now. So I am starting to improve right now. Anyway cheers.
EDIT 2: Anyway I am now in Grade 12 and wow still couldn't believe the new stress that I had.
PS: I KNOW I AM NOT WITH THIS POST YET! So don't bother to type that I am not done yet, dam it I need a break.
EDIT3: Anyway I had to correct my post again thanks to Games Armour and I know I'm taking too long but I will get it done maybe on Saturday this week.
EDIT 4: I am really getting tired of typing and decided to move on for now.


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2012-10-31 23:03:44

What the hell is the "Redsign"?

LordMartin-Mac responds:

Oh crap I fogot about that spelling. Sorry... It's Redesign. I'll change that.